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Stunning Colorful Lights Installation by Stephen Knapp

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Stephen Knapp is an amazing artist behind this colorful light installation. This entire installation was created just with the help of refracted white light and glass. Amazing isn’t it?

Knapp used diachronic glass that is further treated with various layers of metallic coatings in order to give them colorful touch. In such pattern they this diachronic glass acts like a selective prism that focuses light into frequencies of the spectrum. Or in other plain words you can say  he separates white light into a dazzling array of colors. Some words from the artist himself:

I have been fascinated with light all my life, both for what it can do and for the effect it has on us. In all my prior mediums I’ve used light in ways that are not always apparent. When I found a way to uniquely express myself in light, I embraced it fully. With my lightpaintings, I separate white light into pure color and ‘paint’ with light. Each piece has a presence that far exceeds its physical dimensions. At once both physical objects and illusions, they remind us that dreams, hopes and aspirations are the center of art’s ability to touch the human spirit.

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