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Creative blog will be about creative marketing i have a passion in marketing and in marketing i want to become the best performer that make 15000 dollars a month i will do whatever is in my power to achieve this goal i don’t care if it takes me 1 year 2 years and 3 years i will do whatever it takes to become successful marketer. Some of the businesses that i will be marketing for will be the magazine companies, limousine companies, carpet cleaning roofing companies kitchen countertop company home repair, driveway companies, and all other companies that has to do with homes and I sure do┬áhope you enjoy learning about me and learning about my journey as i head towards success. If you have any questions please give me an e-mail creativeblog222@gmail.com

My former job is answering phone calls for insurance company with roadside assistance, so basically people that call when they get stranded on the side of the road or their car won’t start or they locked their keys in the car. As a result I learned a lot about the towing industry and so to begin I’d like to focus this blog on reviewing some of the best towing companies I had the pleasure of getting to know while I worked for insurance.

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