Interesting Facts about Tow Truck Companies


In this blog post I want to talk about Tow Truck business as I have few friends that run their own tow truck companies in Michigan and have learned some firsthand information from them regarding this business.

One of the interesting thing about tow truck business is that these guys are ready to take calls 24/7. So even when they are sleeping the phone might ring and someone out there in the cold in need of a tow truck.

So many tow truck owners become addicted to caffeine as they have to sometimes work in middle of the night which screws with their sleep schedule.

What is the average tow truck job?

In an average tow truck job, they make about $75 which isn’t crazy high amount like a lot of people like to believe. Sometimes they make like $50, when you count the wear and tear on the vehicle it’s a bit less than that, and when you factor in the fact that tow truck guys are putting their life in danger putting themselves on the side of the road it can be a pretty dangerous job.

So they really do need to charge the amount they charge when you take all of these factors into account. Now I understand not all tow companies are stand out companies as some like to take advantage of people stranded or stuck and charge a big number where the customer has no choice but use them, but that shouldn’t paint a bad picture of all tow companies because there are some very legit ones out there, for example last tow truck company I deal with Troy, MI.

I even claim that’s the best tow company in Troy or Oakland County because believe me from knowing friends that are in this business to having multiple cars breaking down on the road, I’ve had my fair share of running into tow companies.

While People’s perception of these companies are hard to change once you have a bad experience with one, as we have tendency to weigh the bad experiences much more weight than the good. Just human nature as the pain of getting ripped by a tow company leaves a much more prominent scar or memory in the subconscious.

It’s not easy for tow truck to reverse all the years of these damages and social conditioning on these people that all have bit of hatred towards towing companies and perhaps even a sense of wanting to get revenge, that time when you were parked in an unauthorized area for what you felt was 15 min and got towed away, well first of all you have to understand that tow companies are just doing their job, it’s most likely that store owner, or apartment resident or policeman that you should be blaming not the tow company, or perhaps yourself! woah… what a concept!

In my humble opinion tow truck guys don’t get enough credit that they deserve. Waking up in the middle of the night, dealing with rude customers, and being out in the cold or side of the road where it can be life threatening to these guys.

Next time you need a tow, treat the tow truck guys sincerely, put yourself in their shoes… they are just trying to help you out, for the most part.

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