#1 Best Towing Company in Troy Michigan


One of the best towing company I found in Oakland County is Troy Towing… In this site, we find you the best towing services in Oakland County so you don’t have to. Now I am called the Lawtographer because I love photography and I work for insurance company so I handle roadside and collision laws all day, so I get to experience and use many different towing companies in Michigan.

From Troy Michigan to Rochester Hills to towing companies in West Bloomfield and Novi, I’ve dealt with them all, so I decided to make an informative blog to show other people which towing company can save you the most amount of money and hassle.

Basic Criteria For Me to Judge a Good, Reputable Towing Company are as follows:

  1. Their average quotes: So I call various companies few times using different clients, so I get an good idea of whether the towing company has good rates or they are pricing their service too high. Most of the time I know right away after 1 phone call but sometimes towing companies are super busy and they will price a job higher than their average rate so they don’t get overrun.
  2. Their Response Time: Most towing companies’ response time is 45 min to an hour. Sometimes an exceptional company will respond in 30 min or less. It’s not realistic to expect super quick response time everytime but I take note of companies that I can tell are working hard to get to my client as fast as possible.
  3. Customer Service: How well did they handle our request and try to meet customer’s specific situation? How was their tone on the phone? Were they nice and pleasant to speak with? or were they bit rude and rushing you? Now I understand towing companies get really busy so I don’t expect world class customer service but its always nice to find a towing company that sounds like they actually care about you and show a bit of concern for the customer.

Keeping the top 3 criteria in mind, as I dealt with clients that get ditched on the side of the road in Sterling Heights, Troy, Rochester Hills aka i75 there is a lot of accidents and the one company that has consistently delivered great results for my client is

Troy Towing

(248) 817-4969


I can confidently say that this towing company is among the best in Oakland County and I have not problem referring hundred of referrals and clients over their way. As an insurance agency you want to make sure your clients get handled by the best tow truck company because they are MY clients. I’ve tried various other companies in the area but Troy Towing ranks high in all 3 categories which is a great feat for a family run towing company, their owner is fantastic.

Grade Report for Troy Towing

Their average Qutoe 9/9, They always seems to quote a really good rate, its actually hard to find any company that will quote any lower than these guys. They are unselfish and this what makes them totally dependable for anyone stranded in Troy Michigan.

Their response time 9/9, Their average response is 30 min which is 15 min faster than the competition. They like to estimate longer, so many times they are getting to my clients in 20 min which is pretty impressive. Now sometimes they are slammed and response time is much longer but in those situations client waits because the price is so good, or try a different company.

Customer Service 9/9, They are very good on the phone and the owner is very personable. I can trust that they will handle my clients very politely, because I’ve talked to many many clients after the fact to ask them what their experience was like and all of them report back very good reviews of this company, the servicemen that came out and the owner. So I give them 9/9
Over all I hold this company in the highest regard as far as one of the best towing companies around, so they get to be the very first blog post of this towing review site for Oakland and Macomb County Michigan.

So if you find yourself stranded on i75 or stuck in a ditch somewhere in Troy, don’t hesitate to call Troy Towing (248) 817-4969

You will not regret it.

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