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Macomb Towing Review Post


So this blog is about reviewing the best towing company in Michigan. Last weekend there was an encounter with another towing company and they deserve a lot of credit in the way they handle customers and how they do business. It was Sunday night on father’s day, I was at my parents in Macomb, MI and decided to head home so I can get ready for work on Monday. What do you know the keys were locked inside my car and the car was locked out so I was out of choices on what to do where to turn to and not knowing what to do I turn to my colleague and friend who looked up a towing company that was few blocks away.

This company was here in matter of minutes and gave us the full unlock service that was so quick and effortless we were very happy and glad and as I held my breath waiting for the final price to come out to be like $150 it was actually only $75 which was a great deal considering I made these guys drive all the way from Sterling Heights as that’s where they were at to do the last job.

So I began to realize that not all towing companies are bad or ¬†practice impounding people’s cars. Not all tow truck drivers are out there to catch people’s mistake and taking advantage of them like cops. Some towing companies simply tow people’s cars only when they need and ask for it, which is what I found with these guys in Macomb.

Based on my experience working with many towing companies and customers that need them, there is a lot of negative press that tow companies get partly because people get it mixed up with impound lot which is a completely different thing compared to a real tow truck guy. An impound lot will have to make their impounds because there’s more money in it for them and they are tied up in their impound service more than anything else.

But a great towing company believe it or not is actually for the help of people and I think people get this point mixed up. Most people believe all towing companies are out there to get them. Maybe you needed to run in and grab a quick item from the grocery store and you parked without paying the meter, hoping the beat the time, and then you come out and a tow truck is beginning to tow your car away.

I think we’ve all had this experience or someone close to us has had the experience and therefore we talk about how awful tow truck companies are like cops. But we have made a big generalization at this point because one has to realize not all towing companies are impound lots, actually most towing companies are there to service you when you need a car towed and they usually will do it for very reasonable price.


If you need a car towed in Macomb County use Macomb Towing, they are fantastic service: (586) 200-1777 and we need to start looking our local towing companies a bit differently especially if they are not an impound lot. They can actually help us tremendously.

How to get creative when you have writer’s block


As a naturally creative person I always did well in writing classes I was in and always get things done when it came to utilizing my creativity I never had an issue with it. So let me give you couple of pointers on what you can do as a writer to increase your productivity and write content after content so that you become someone with really sharp writing skills as well as developing your own personal flow of words.

Stream of Consciousness Writing

So when I come to a point where I feel that I am lacking creativity, what I do is I just rip it off the top of my head and just keep writing and this form of writing is called stream of consciousness writing, where you just use your creativity and don’t sotp writing until you just can’t write anymore, this is my favorite type of writing because I can just keep going on and on and the more I type the faster the words flow out like gushers of water coming out of a broken fire hydrant so I just keep pouring like sweat beads that drop from shaque oneil’s forehead. Sometimes it feels like a poetry or a rapper, I bet they are using the same part of the brain that I’m using and what I really like to write about is success and personal development. I like to journal my goals at least once a day and get into that feeling and zone that I can accomplish anything in life, and with that feeling I enter out into the world and feel like I can accomplish anything and everything in life without a problem, I am driven towards my goals like a tornado.

Why People Fail

So one of the things I’ve been learning about success and successful people is that they aren’t born but they are created. They are made into successful people I think the common misconception people have is that to not take any responsibility about why they aren’t successful in life they like to blame on genetics or up bringing but at the end of the day what made you the way you are now is all on you. You can’t blame anybody but yourself, and when you blame other people for your misfortune that’s when you are really in a sad place, and you do not have any power of conviction to do anything on your own.

The will power is reduced to zero and you just live at the whim of what other’s tell you and what other influence towards you that you slowly begin to wither away into a state of being where you always rely on other people to save you. This is not an empowered place to be I think any personal development book will tell you that.

So just like that I wrote a 500 page content and it all came off the top of the head and no planning, sometimes to get the creative juices flowing I like to write and keep writing for the hell of it.