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Macomb Towing Review Post


So this blog is about reviewing the best towing company in Michigan. Last weekend there was an encounter with another towing company and they deserve a lot of credit in the way they handle customers and how they do business. It was Sunday night on father’s day, I was at my parents in Macomb, MI and decided to head home so I can get ready for work on Monday. What do you know the keys were locked inside my car and the car was locked out so I was out of choices on what to do where to turn to and not knowing what to do I turn to my colleague and friend who looked up a towing company that was few blocks away.

This company was here in matter of minutes and gave us the full unlock service that was so quick and effortless we were very happy and glad and as I held my breath waiting for the final price to come out to be like $150 it was actually only $75 which was a great deal considering I made these guys drive all the way from Sterling Heights as that’s where they were at to do the last job.

So I began to realize that not all towing companies are bad or  practice impounding people’s cars. Not all tow truck drivers are out there to catch people’s mistake and taking advantage of them like cops. Some towing companies simply tow people’s cars only when they need and ask for it, which is what I found with these guys in Macomb.

Based on my experience working with many towing companies and customers that need them, there is a lot of negative press that tow companies get partly because people get it mixed up with impound lot which is a completely different thing compared to a real tow truck guy. An impound lot will have to make their impounds because there’s more money in it for them and they are tied up in their impound service more than anything else.

But a great towing company believe it or not is actually for the help of people and I think people get this point mixed up. Most people believe all towing companies are out there to get them. Maybe you needed to run in and grab a quick item from the grocery store and you parked without paying the meter, hoping the beat the time, and then you come out and a tow truck is beginning to tow your car away.

I think we’ve all had this experience or someone close to us has had the experience and therefore we talk about how awful tow truck companies are like cops. But we have made a big generalization at this point because one has to realize not all towing companies are impound lots, actually most towing companies are there to service you when you need a car towed and they usually will do it for very reasonable price.


If you need a car towed in Macomb County use Macomb Towing, they are fantastic service: (586) 200-1777 and we need to start looking our local towing companies a bit differently especially if they are not an impound lot. They can actually help us tremendously.

Great Towing Company to the Rescue

This is a site where I review the top towing companies of Michigan, and I give you a simple guide to find the right company for you, when god forbid you get stranded on the side of the road! you can never be too prepared because choosing a unfit towing company can cost you valuable time and money and whole lot more. (Let’s not even mention the stress levels!!!)

Just check out all the mishaps that can take place in the wrong hands!

Good Towing companies are valuable to us, because they will get us out of trouble when other can’t, they rescue people out of the most horrendous situation and really are putting their lives at risk in certain situations and we complain when they want $75 for all their troubles.

I know a lot about towing companies because I used to work for an insurance company that needed to handle my clients on moments notice and find a towing company that can rescue my client as fast as possible and as affordable as possible. To me the towing industry is filled with companies that are trying to take advantage of their next prey that is helpless and we all know too well those stories of towing companies that tow cars into their impound and lock them up to charge them enormous fees to get the car out.

Yes it is the fault of the owner to park in an authorized area and its only tow company’s job to tow it out for the city and police but to charge astronomical fees because they have complete power is not right. Let’s have little bit of sympathy here for the person, maybe he had no other choice but to park there or he was ill informed, we all been there and done that so what about some compassion, I mean the person is already going to get slammed with a huge ticket by the police for the illegal parking now the towing company wants an arm and a leg to get their car out.

Towing company with integrity is what I always look for when sending my clients the tow service that they desperately need. In the last article I wrote about an excellent tow company in Troy, and any accident or tow service need near Troy including Rochester Hills, Sterling Heights, Bloomfield Hills, and Royal Oak I called those guys.

But For a long time I couldn’t find a good company to work with in Southfield area where Telegraph meets i696, every morning there is tremendous amounts of commune on the road and there is always accidents taking place in Southfield.

However a year before I left the insurance company, I found some really honest and reputable brand new company in Southfield.

This Towing Company is close to Troy Towing in speed and price. I spoke with the owner and he has over 25 years of experience in tow truck business.

I have called these guys in middle of the night like 3 AM in the morning when its blizzard outside and in Michigan these snow storms are no joke. This is the only company that are answering their phones and get to my clients in 30 min or less. They are simply really good.

They have Flatbed tow truck and dolly’s to handle most vehicles including classics and big trucks. Many of the tows they do are anywhere from $60 to $75 usually which are rates you really can’t beat.

Besides that they are really helpful on the phone and will take the time to solve whatever problems that come up, honestly this is a great towing company in Southfield and I can confidently recommend them to everyone in that area, within 30 miles they will get to you quick!

Southfield Towing

29193 Northwestern Hwy #761

Southfield, MI  48034

(248) 213-9275

Call them today when you need a quick & affordable tow service in Southfield, MI.

Interesting Facts about Tow Truck Companies


In this blog post I want to talk about Tow Truck business as I have few friends that run their own tow truck companies in Michigan and have learned some firsthand information from them regarding this business.

One of the interesting thing about tow truck business is that these guys are ready to take calls 24/7. So even when they are sleeping the phone might ring and someone out there in the cold in need of a tow truck.

So many tow truck owners become addicted to caffeine as they have to sometimes work in middle of the night which screws with their sleep schedule.

What is the average tow truck job?

In an average tow truck job, they make about $75 which isn’t crazy high amount like a lot of people like to believe. Sometimes they make like $50, when you count the wear and tear on the vehicle it’s a bit less than that, and when you factor in the fact that tow truck guys are putting their life in danger putting themselves on the side of the road it can be a pretty dangerous job.

So they really do need to charge the amount they charge when you take all of these factors into account. Now I understand not all tow companies are stand out companies as some like to take advantage of people stranded or stuck and charge a big number where the customer has no choice but use them, but that shouldn’t paint a bad picture of all tow companies because there are some very legit ones out there, for example last tow truck company I deal with Troy, MI.

I even claim that’s the best tow company in Troy or Oakland County because believe me from knowing friends that are in this business to having multiple cars breaking down on the road, I’ve had my fair share of running into tow companies.

While People’s perception of these companies are hard to change once you have a bad experience with one, as we have tendency to weigh the bad experiences much more weight than the good. Just human nature as the pain of getting ripped by a tow company leaves a much more prominent scar or memory in the subconscious.

It’s not easy for tow truck to reverse all the years of these damages and social conditioning on these people that all have bit of hatred towards towing companies and perhaps even a sense of wanting to get revenge, that time when you were parked in an unauthorized area for what you felt was 15 min and got towed away, well first of all you have to understand that tow companies are just doing their job, it’s most likely that store owner, or apartment resident or policeman that you should be blaming not the tow company, or perhaps yourself! woah… what a concept!

In my humble opinion tow truck guys don’t get enough credit that they deserve. Waking up in the middle of the night, dealing with rude customers, and being out in the cold or side of the road where it can be life threatening to these guys.

Next time you need a tow, treat the tow truck guys sincerely, put yourself in their shoes… they are just trying to help you out, for the most part.