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How to get creative when you have writer’s block


As a naturally creative person I always did well in writing classes I was in and always get things done when it came to utilizing my creativity I never had an issue with it. So let me give you couple of pointers on what you can do as a writer to increase your productivity and write content after content so that you become someone with really sharp writing skills as well as developing your own personal flow of words.

Stream of Consciousness Writing

So when I come to a point where I feel that I am lacking creativity, what I do is I just rip it off the top of my head and just keep writing and this form of writing is called stream of consciousness writing, where you just use your creativity and don’t sotp writing until you just can’t write anymore, this is my favorite type of writing because I can just keep going on and on and the more I type the faster the words flow out like gushers of water coming out of a broken fire hydrant so I just keep pouring like sweat beads that drop from shaque oneil’s forehead. Sometimes it feels like a poetry or a rapper, I bet they are using the same part of the brain that I’m using and what I really like to write about is success and personal development. I like to journal my goals at least once a day and get into that feeling and zone that I can accomplish anything in life, and with that feeling I enter out into the world and feel like I can accomplish anything and everything in life without a problem, I am driven towards my goals like a tornado.

Why People Fail

So one of the things I’ve been learning about success and successful people is that they aren’t born but they are created. They are made into successful people I think the common misconception people have is that to not take any responsibility about why they aren’t successful in life they like to blame on genetics or up bringing but at the end of the day what made you the way you are now is all on you. You can’t blame anybody but yourself, and when you blame other people for your misfortune that’s when you are really in a sad place, and you do not have any power of conviction to do anything on your own.

The will power is reduced to zero and you just live at the whim of what other’s tell you and what other influence towards you that you slowly begin to wither away into a state of being where you always rely on other people to save you. This is not an empowered place to be I think any personal development book will tell you that.

So just like that I wrote a 500 page content and it all came off the top of the head and no planning, sometimes to get the creative juices flowing I like to write and keep writing for the hell of it.

Welcome to A Creative Blog

Thumb up 2015

Welcome to the creative blog. In this blog i would like to discuss about creative businesses and michigan. I currently live in novi michigan. There is a lot of japanese population here. That’s because there is a lot of automobile in the Michigan Industry. And when there is a lot of automobile industries there is going to be a lot of people that love cars and fancy rides.

I have a passion in fancy cars such as limousines. I am fascinated by this business. The last time i got a limousine business was back in 2004 ama for my friend’s birthday party. Stretch truck limousine that was a big and wide and had enough room for 20 people. The speaker system was amazing. Ice cooler with enough room for a thing during period the driver was very cool with us and he took us around michigan well we drink with her friends and had a good time. No i work with a couple of friends of mine that are in the limousine business and i can see how much hard work it takes to run a successful limo business. This gives me a lot of respect for the business. There is a lot of opportunities in michigan because a lot of people love fancy cars here.

I remember when i first came to Michigan a lot of people had Cadillac that people were driving and i was envious of that. Now that i am 25. I am looking to get another limo service for my birthday coming up. I want to get picked up in novi and go to detroit. I want to hit up a couple of clubs and go to the mgm casino. I want a party bus with dance polls and great music i am writing some of my best friends to the party this friend i have known for over 10 years. And i am in the process of finding a nice great limo company and i know by area but so far i have not had any good luck.

For you know when you guys memo a good company they know please let me know. I will be happy to take your suggestions. Like i said last time i got limo service was back in 2004 and i can hardly remember it because it was such a long time ago. Now I want much more sophisticated and classy limo ride not from classified. I want my friends to have champagne for me and no birthday cakes because that will get really messy in a limo on another level. And i want to feel that i have already graduated from courses but there will be a lot of discussing once i’ve drank.

And no thanks to Coors Lights, I’ve had too many of those in my college days. I just want the party to be fine and easy going with everybody having a good time. I will pay for the party bus myself i just want everybody there in attendance to have a great time. Because i am turning 26 i think it is time for a new beginning and recently starting a small marketing company and i am very busy but i will make time for my birthday celebration.

My friend told me about a limo company called millennium have you ever heard of them?is that a good company? The other day i saw a company with rolls royce limousine in michigan now that was pretty impressive. I wish i could ride in a rolls royce limousine i just don’t think i have the money. I will be successful by the end of this year.

And they take me a while but i will never give up. The creative lives will be about how i can i get myself creatively to the world how i can market my clients businesses creatively to the world the end of the day i believe a good marketing strategy rules the day what is the road map to success for any local business. Marketing is the end all be all for any top 40 local business. And i am a professional marketer if i am willing to do what other people are not willing to do today so I can get what i want tomorrow then i will be successful.

Everyone that has doubted me in the past i will prove them wrong. I created a blog that will journal about my journey to success towards financial freedom. Whether that would be working with a limo company or a card printing company i will make my marketing known to the world. Play kanye west i will be successful what are the first marketing companies that i started out was a very small advertising campaign that i did for a limousine quiet this is why you are hearing me talk about limits in the lot i have a deep passion and a limo business.

I think it is a very fun business with a lot of money to be made. As long as you find good on her that is good with the phone and i have a good business skills you can really do great things and a level business my goal is to make 15000 dollars a month and send money back to my parents and grandparents are in my i will be able to reach my target if i work hard everyday the only thing stopping me as myself so i will continue to get smarter and work harder every single day and continue to stop those habits that waste time for me so welcome to the creative blog i hope you enjoy my articles i put my heart and soul into my articles and i hope you can relate to what i have i’m going to ride well it is the road to success and i will be sharing the ups and downs of this journey with you all as honestly as i can.